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Name:Hannibal Fanfiction
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Fanfiction and Hannibal (NBC).
This is a community for any and all fanfiction for the NBC show "Hannibal". Anyone interested in writing fanfiction for this show and wanting to share their fics with fellow Fannibals are welcome!

A few rules to follow:
* keep posts pertaining only to fanfiction for the show; nothing else.
* you must have a header above your fic that has the following - the title of your fic, the rating, pairings, warnings, and a brief summary. you can use any order and add to the list if you wish (disclaimer, etc.) but you must have all of the requirements listed above in your header.
* to keep everything looking neat, be sure to put fics under a cut.
* when linking to a fic outside of this community, be sure not to link to a locked post.
* any fics that have the rating R or NC-17 should be locked.
* tags must look as follows - pairing: ___, rating: ____. do not add more tags.
* post warnings for any dubious content (sexual content, violence, language, etc.)
* plagiarism will not be tolerated. if you do so, you will immediately and permanently be banned from this community.
* be respectful to others - after all, we eat the rude.
* have fun!

Follow these rules. Should you not follow them repeatedly, you will be banned. Please, let's not have to resort to this.
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